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Real Estate Printing in Orange County

Direct Mail Printing for Real Estate Professionals At Metro Digital, we provide realtors, agents and brokers a great selection of full color real estate printed products. Full color postcards can help you advertise and create new customer leads as well as promote and market properties to new clients. Our high-quality postcards will help you reach the local market and make an impression on potential customers. We also offer a variety of printing supplies including business […]

School Sports Program Printing

Sports programs are a fundamental aspect of school sporting events. They provide students and parents with a memorable item to keep and cherish as well as vital information regarding scheduled games, events, and team and player information. Printing a customized sports program for your team is a great way to increase school spirit, participation, and involve the community. They also provide a way to keep fans engaged during the event. These programs are also a […]

Religious Book Printing

Many churches use booklets, journals, and pamphlets for a variety of messages. Custom printed church booklets can be used for informational and educational purposes, as well as for daily prayers and verses, religious ceremonies, and weekly services. Books can also be used for spiritual journals, collections of poetry, and biographies. Metro Digital specializes in printing various size church booklets with fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

Direct Mail Marketing for Political Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is one of many essentials for running a successful political campaign. Even in the digital age, many people still respond fairly well to direct mail marketing. It is a great way to target specific voters to reinforce your campaign message, as well as deliver specific messages about issues your readers care about. This type of marketing can be very beneficial to your campaigns when done correctly.

Repetition in Direct Mail Marketing

Advantages of Direct Mail Repetition A study demonstrated that around 70 to 80 percent of consumers say they open all of their direct mail. Roughly 79 percent of those consumers report they immediately act on direct mail compared to 45 percent on email. Response rates for direct mail are also about 28 times higher than email. One of the keys to having success in direct mail marketing is repetition.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Catalog Marketing

Catalog marketing is one of the earliest examples of direct marketing. It is used by businesses to inform their customers about their latest products and unique offers. Printing catalogs are also highly cost-effective and guaranteed to be seen or read since it is tangible. This marketing tool can be very beneficial for companies because it can help build their brand and broaden their client reach.

Tips on Creating a Brochure for Your Business

One of the greatest print marketing tools for your business is brochure printing. Unlike business cards, flyer brochures allow businesses to provide more information about their products and services. It also presents an opportunity to increase the visibility of the company. Brochure printing also gives customers a chance to look over the material longer. Below are a few helpful tips to create an effective business brochure:

Benefits of Postcard Direct Mail Marketing

Why Choose Postcard based Direct Mail Marketing? Rest guaranteed that postcard based direct mail isn’t going anyplace at any point in the near future. To demonstrate it, here are four reasons why you ought to utilize postcard based direct mail set up to get the best results. What number of messages do you get a day? What number of do you read a day? I would wager that the main answer is higher than the […]

Direct Mail Marketing for Doctors and Dentists in Orange County

At Metro Digital, we provide Direct Mail Marketing Solutions Doctors and Dentists in Orange County Contact us at 714-545-8400 Fast turnaround – Same Day or Next Day turnaround on select printing products. A well-designed and beautifully crafted Direct Mailer is an oddity and collectible item for so many people not just because of its beautiful visuals, but also for the loads of product information and business background it features. For example, unlike a business card, […]

Know All About Books and Catalogue Printing

Reading books are not just a hobby, it gives you loads of information and awareness. Since most books are made out of paper, they tend to suffer damage over time. This is why you need your books to have proper binding and stitching. Metro Digital knows how to keep your books safe and sound for years to come. Here is how your books will last longer and fun to read: The Types A book that […]

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