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Reading books are not just a hobby, it gives you loads of information and awareness. Since most books are made out of paper, they tend to suffer damage over time. This is why you need your books to have proper binding and stitching. Metro Digital knows how to keep your books safe and sound for years to come. Here is how your books will last longer and fun to read:
The Types

A book that is properly packaged and printed will remain fun to read for readers. There are several types of book binding. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:
• Saddle-stitched booklet printing
• Spiral binding book
• Paperback books
• Perfect bind book
• 3 hold binder book sheets
Though there are other types, these are most advanced and commonly used ones.

Saddle-stitched Booklet printing
In the book reader community, a saddle-stitched book refers to a type of book binding method where two sheets. To some, saddle stitching may sound like an odd name for a book binding process. In reality, the name perfectly defines the type of binding process. For instance, it consists of stapling through paper sheets around the book. These sheets are draped by a saddling apparatus while the stitching process is being completed. One sheet remains inside the other and is stapled through staple wires. These go through the folded crease from outside and is clinched between the center pages. For a small or medium sized book, two staples are enough to hold the binding. For bigger books, more staples may be required along the spine to give it a durable binding. Companies like Metro Digital offer very high-quality saddle-stitch booklet printing services for customers.

Spiral Binding Book
Also known as Coil Binding, is a popular book binding method meant to join pages and cover through durable plastic or metallic coil. The process includes insertion of the coil through holes across the cover and pages. These are specifically punched by a specialized machine that records overall dimension of the book. Benefits of spiral binding are that the reader can open pages from cover to cover (360 degrees). The benefits of the full opening are that the book can be folded from the back and still remains readable, adding comfort to the reader. Common types of spiral binding include proposals, book reports, cookbooks, directories, and presentations etc.

Paperback Books
As the name suggests, these books contain a paperback cover, also known as the soft cover. Usually, it is a thick cover made out of thick paper or paperboard cover. The hardcover is the exact opposite of paperback as it contains a hardcover usually made of cardboard covered in a fabric, a cloth or Rexene. Paperback and hardback covers offer greater durability to your book.


Perfect Bind Books
Perfect binding is mostly used for magazines and books that contain paperbacks. In perfect binding, different sections of folded pages are given trimmed spines. You can also use single pages for perfect binding. All sections are joined with glue or other adhesive to form a soft cover around the book. The cover is scored from the back and front to make it easy to open and close the book. This type is useful for books that have between 10-280 pages.

3-Hole Binder Book Sheets
In the 3-hole binder, the user punches the cover through a 3-hole puncher. Stick it with 3 ring binder or half the size of 3 ring binder. The latter depends on the type of cover and the overall thickness of the book. This type of bookbinding is very easy and fast to perform. Due to its ease, it remains a popular method of book binding among printing and digital marketing firms.
By taking advantage of most sophisticated printing technology available today, companies such as Metro Digital are improving the quality of printed books. Common benefits of digital printing include speedy printing for up to 1000 units in a single cycle. Computer aided printing has paved the way for simple and efficient book printing. If want to publish a book or catalog in Orange county region, you can lay your trust on Metro Digital Inc.


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