Repetition in Direct Mail Marketing

Advantages of Direct Mail Repetition

A study demonstrated that around 70 to 80 percent of consumers say they open all of their direct mail. Roughly 79 percent of those consumers report they immediately act on direct mail compared to 45 percent on email. Response rates for direct mail are also about 28 times higher than email. One of the keys to having success in direct mail marketing is repetition.

Reminding customers about upcoming events or offers is a great way to market your business, but direct mail repetition is more about building a relationship with your clients. The more mailers you send out, the more comfortable your customers are with your business and what you are selling. In turn, this will increase the chance of them purchasing your product or service.

Another advantage of consistently sending direct mailers is that it will always be there whenever the customer may need your product or services. Most of the time, a customer might not need your services when they receive your mailer. However, by sending them frequently, there will be a greater chance that your customer will read and respond to you when it is needed.

Quality Printing

Considering the size and finish selection choices and multi-fold benefits of using Direct Mailer for marketing purposes, it should be understood that the quality of graphical and structural design, written content, images and the paper quality for Direct Mailer printing is the key driving factor for marketing success because these factors determine the overall effectiveness of the Direct Mailer as well as the company. Here at Metro Digital, we understand all the above mentioned needs of your business and act accordingly on your demands.


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